Quartz lenses & glass lenses

We provide high-quality glas and quartz lenses made from B270, BK7 and Suprasil II. Our product range includes plano and biconvex lenses and plano concave and biconcave lenses with a variety of focal lengths and diameters of 6.35 – 101.6 mm. Plano convex lenses are the most basic optical elements. They have positive focal lengths and an almost perfect shape for being used as collimating condensers and focussing lenses for collimated beams. The convex surfaces of biconvex lenses are symmetric and the focal length equals the radius of curvature. Because of their symmetric shape they do well when imaging close to 1 and magnifying in the range from 5 to 0.2.Plano concave lenses have negative focal lengths with twice the radius of curvature.They produce virtual images, which can be seen through the lens. A beam collimated on one side will diverge on the other side and vice versa.Just like the plano concave lenses, biconcave lenses diverge collimated light and vice versa. Since both concave surfaces contribute to the light refraction, biconcave lenses can be made with shorter focal lengths than plano concave lenses. Please refer to the following pages for an overview of our standard lenses. If you need lenses with different focal lengths and diameters than the ones shown, please do not hesitate to contact us by either mail or phone – we look forward to helping you.

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